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Boat With Jet Ski Attached

Sealver Wave Boat 525

This Boat Is Powered By Your Jet Ski

This Sealver Wave Boat is a little larger and can accommodate a total of 6 people between the boat and jet ski. The WB525 is perfect for family and/or close friends. It has 2 back sunbeds and a removable table, so you can comfortably have 4 to 6 people onboard.

Due to its Category C Certification, you can take it out on the ocean and lakes and have great fun practicing towed watersports.

Sealver Wave Boat 444

The most recent Sealver Wave Boat in the fleet is the WB444, designed to be practical, small and responsive.

The length of the hull is 14.5 ft., yet it can still accommodate 5 people comfortably. There is storage space up front and in back for picnic gear, towels and water toys and games. The sharp keel splits the chop making it nearly as maneuverable as the jet ski. This is the perfect wave boat for small groups of watersport enthusiasts.

Sealver Wave Boats Can Turn Your Jet Ski Into A Boat

Sealver Wave Boats are becoming quite popular these days, and with good reason.

There are a number of other options on the market for converting your jet ski into a boat, however, Sealver continues to have the largest fleet with quite a few models available depending on your needs.

You no longer have to , you can easily have both in one unique unit! This is the perfect solution for many buyers who have been struggling with the question of whether to buy a jet ski vs. boat, causing untold headaches over the years.

Sealver Wave Boats look a lot like a standard boat, but rather than having an inboard or outboard engine, the jet ski powers them! If this is an option youre interested in, we invite you to keep reading.

We at JetDrift have put together a chart showing you Sealvers jet ski boat attachments, so you can easily compare each one against the other.

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Pros And Cons Of Jet Ski Convertors

With everything in life, there are positives and negatives, and it is the same for jet ski convertors too.

Weve rounded up the main pros and cons so that you can decide if it is the solution you are looking for.



  • When you consider how much space the jet ski takes from the area of the boat, you will soon realize that there is far less seating and much less storage than on a traditional boat.
  • The seating is not as comfy as a full boat but can still stay sat on the boat all day long without too many problems.
  • The boat is usually pretty basic, with no sundeck for you to bathe on and no windshield protection, so it is not a great choice for anyone imagining a luxury yacht experience.
  • The boat is not as easy to handle being as it is a large add on to a jet ski, and you will need to take it gently to stop everyone on board from feeling queasy.
  • Remember that the more additions you buy for your jet ski, the more space you will need to store them. This can end up costing you, and many people forget to factor this into their calculations.
  • If you choose to use your convertor for watersports, then you will need to be extra careful as they can have a habit of sucking up your tow rope. This is a nightmare to remove and will stop your fun for quite some time until it has been freed.
  • You wont be able to go as far out on a convertor as you would if you had a sturdy boat, making your trips purely for days out rather than long journeys.

Seaquester Jet Ski Boat Attachments

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SeaQuester is located on Australias Gold Coast, which is where their manufacturing plant is.

Founder, Russ Weston is a 2nd generation shipbuilder with more than 30 years experience designing luxury vessels in both Australia and Europe. Prior to starting SeaQuester, Russ headed up the Design & Development teams of two of Australias largest boat builders.

This gave him the experience he needed to develop SeaQuesters Jet Ski Boat Combo.

There are two different models, the SeaQuester 530F and the 530S, with both sharing the same basic specs: 208 in length with an 85 beam and weighing 772 lbs. .

There are differences in the maximum number of passengers they can carry , and in the standard features.

Models can be customized in terms of colors and graphics. The bilge pump along with the navigation lights come standard. SeaQuester models are compatible with PWCs from different manufacturers.

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How Much Is A Sealver Wave Boat

Sealver Wave Boats cost around $15,000-$40,000 depending on the model and the features. The cheapest WaveBoat is the WB444 while the most expensive Wave Boat, the WB656 can cost up to $38,000. Be aware that these prices do not include the jet ski, so you can expect to pay another $10,000-$20,000 for it!

Discover Sealver Wave Boats

National Low Income Housing Coalition Application

If youre changing the impeller on your pump, you should consider redoing the pump bearings & seal as well while you have it apart. We put thiese kits together to help with rebuilding your 140mm SeaDoo 2 stroke pump housing. Before you go out and buy one of those cheap aftermarket kits, consider the fact that the pump will be spinning at over 5000 rpm for most of its life. You dont need to pull the pump to check or change the oil. 1. Remove the steering nozzle. 2. To check the oil remove the fill plug, fill to overflowing, replace the fill plug. 3. To change the oil, remove the cone. 4. I use an empty 12 pack, fold it up, stick the cardboard between the pump and the ride plate, let the oil drain into a. The RIVA/SOLAS SeaDoo 161mm 14-vane pump comes with 3 interchangeable nozzle rings for improved durability. The rings come in 82, 83 and 84 mm ID. This how-to video shows all the steps required to rebuild a SeaDoo jet pump on a 2009 RXT 215 SeaDoo. In depth process of rebuilding the jetpump on my 1998 Seadoo GTX with the 951cc carbureted motor. NOTE: Models with VTS may differ on pump removal. Music ht.

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Chilling On A Jet Ski Boat

Jet ski boats are a fresh, technologically exciting way to get the most out of your personal watercraft.

They can be a less expensive means of getting your entire family or friend group out on the water together.

When shopping for a jet ski boat, just keep in mind not all models of jet ski boat will fit all models of PWC, and not all PWC have enough power to push all jet ski boats.

Its a balancing act.

But if you like the idea of transporting 8 people with a craft built for three, its one well worth considering.

How Much Does A Wave Boat Weigh

Rochester firefighter uses jet ski to put out boat fire

Compare Boats


How much do jet ski boat Attachments cost?

Jet ski boat attachments cost around $3,000-$40,000 depending on the make and the model. The smaller RIB jet ski boats are usually the cheapest models, but larger fiberglass jet ski boats cost around $15,000-$40,000 depending on their size and capacity.

Where can I buy a personal watercraft boat for sale?

Boat Trader currently has 1,612 personal watercraft boats for sale, including 1,423 new vessels and 189 used boats, listed by both individuals and professional boat dealerships across the country. What are the best personal watercraft boats?

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What Is A Jet Ski Boat

The special jet ski boat, also called jet ski boat attachments or jet ski boat converters, receives its power from a jet ski instead of a typical outboard or inboard engine. It takes a matter of minutes to add or remove a jet ski from the boat, ensuring a flexible setup.

They are one of the most popular recreational vehicles on the market, as they are a cross between a boat and a jet ski. Rather than buying an individual boat and jet ski, which can be costly upfront, with continued maintenance and storage, a jet ski boat gives you the enjoyment of both in one. A jet ski boat is undoubtedly a water enthusiastâs dream come true. It works like a speedboat but uses the jet ski to give them their power.

What Is A Sea

Sea-Doo boats are jet boats powered with a jet propulsion system and one or even two Rotax engines. Unlike regular boats that use propellers, jet boats use impellers to generate thrust. The boat sucks the water into the pump and forces it out to move the boat forward. Beyond the unique propulsion system, Sea-Doo boats have many convenience and safety features.

The Sea-Doo jet boats use the same propulsion systems and four-stroke engines as Sea-Doos personal watercraft.

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Jet Ski Boat Conversion

Jet ski boat kits install differently depending on the brand.

The cheapest conversion kits literally just tie onto the jet ski.

You might see how this can prove problematic in strong currents, and is not advised for watercraft intended for ocean use.

The most solid jet ski boats are those that have full fitting kits, like Sealver and Seaquester.

A full fitting kit requires removing some factory components of your PWC and replacing it with moldings specially designed to fit into the grooves on the boat hull.

Conversion kits are specifically designed by model of jet ski for a secure, sturdy fit.

Not only does a solid molding kit keep the jet ski secure within the boats hull, even in rough conditions, it allows for easy detachment and reattachment.

You can park your boat out on the water, back the jet ski out of the housing and go riding, and come back to reattach the boat and drive back to shore.

Jet Ski Boat Attachment Faq

Sealver Wave Boat 656 em 2020

Take a look through our most frequently asked questions below:

What Compatibility Issues Are There with Different PWC?

Compatibility is an issue purely because of the number of different PWC on the market. You need to do your homework before committing to spending any money and make sure you ask whether they are compatible with your jet ski.

However, its also important to note that the majority of manufacturers make converter kits for you to buy to make sure that they fit whatever you decide to buy.

What Storage Can I Expect with My Jet Ski Powered Boat?

One of the biggest drawbacks to owning a jet ski is the lack of decent storage that stops you from being able to spend all day on the water with supplies. Adding a converter is a great way of adding that much-needed storage, allowing you to keep the shoreline as far away as possible.

Depending on the model you buy depends on the storage you get, but the majority of conversions offer in-seat storage as well as cooler bins and other accessories to make your day go smoother than you could imagine.

Looking for a great jet ski trailer to match your newly bought jet ski? We cover the best of them in our guide.

How Does the Additional Weight Affect Handling?

Its normal to be concerned that your attachment will slow your jet ski down because it weighs more and makes the entire vessel bigger than ever before. This is one of the biggest reasons for people choosing not to convert, as they love the way their jet ski maneuvers.

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Shuttle Craft Jet Ski Boat Combos

If you were wondering if jet ski boat combos are new or something thats been around a while, you may be surprised to know that the Canadian company Shuttle Craft started making them over 20 years ago!

Sadly, they stopped producing their models quite a long time ago. However, you can sometimes find used ones being sold individually at fairly low prices. The problem is that they dont fit the watercraft models we now have since the PWC hulls grew and grew in size over the years.

But if you find one for sale that also includes the jet ski, you may want to buy it, especially if you are into vintage watercrafts. If you decide to purchase any used jet ski, you should read our Used Jet Ski Buyers Guide!

A Little About Our Company

360 Boat Lifts cares about every single penny of clients and knows that your watercraft are your love. Being boaters ourselves, we know what your requirements are and how we can offer you with best quality materials. In this regard, our company strives to provide a complete range of Floating boat lifts for personal boats, Jet Ski Lift and other watercraft. Keeping in mind, the need for high-quality products, our company is in the loop with Safe Haven and Tide Tamer company and offer only genuine products from these manufacturers.

We make sure that every client gets a right boat lift for their vessel and feel contented with our prosureduct thats why we first consult the consumer. Our boating experts will guide you regarding the boat dock equipment and which product is more suitable for you. Our brilliance lies in our state of the art product material and fulfilment of our promise of providing a complete guide to our customers.

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Oregon Boat Rentals Jet Ski Rentals Sea

Active watersports in Oregon and water skiing are popular at Loon Lake, so Loon Lake Water Sports & Marina, LLC, an independently owned and operated company, is now offering Oregon boat rentals, jet ski rentals, and Sea-Doo rentals. Contact us for some of the best Oregon boat rentals and jet ski rentals!

The lake is surrounded by scenic high mountains that block the wind, and there is plenty of open water for fishing, kayaking, Sea-Doo riding, water skiing, or just relaxing on a leisurely pontoon boat ride. Some of the smoothest water skiing in Oregon is right here at Loon Lake with an Oregon boat rental!

If you are looking to jet ski in Oregon and would like to know more about our boat, Sea-doo, and jet ski rentals in Oregon, call 599-2214.

Irregular Riding Prohibited In Port Phillip 5

Sea Doo Jet Ski + Sealver Boat Combo Detach on water!

When operating a personal watercraft in a 5-knot zone you must:

  • navigate the PWC in the safest, most direct course from the shore heading seaward, or from the sea towards the shore.

The shore can include the beach, boat ramp or berthing facility including a jetty, pier or mooring.

You must avoid any irregular riding of the PWC in a 5-knot zone, including:

  • weaving or diverting course in a way another person would not be able to predict
  • surfing down or jumping over or across any waves, wake or wash
  • freestyling, which includes sharp turns, donuts, or any circular manoeuvres.

Changes of direction to avoid other waterway users are permitted.

PWC operators found in breach of this rule may receive an infringement notice.

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Will A Jet Ski Boat Slow Me Down

The more powerful your PWC, the better it will perform with a jet ski boat attached to its front.

That said, even the most powerful machine will experience some lag in speed and change in steering while pushing a jet ski.

It comes down to weight and capacity.

PWC are designed to carry three people or less, and they all have weight limits.

Unsurprisingly, adding more weight to the jet skis load is going to require more effort out of the engine.

Not only will a boat attachment lower your jet skis top speed, it should lower it.

Pushing your jet ski engine to its limits is a sure way to have a jet ski engine die before its time.

And, since a boat attachment alters a PWCs steering, its best to take things slow and easy.

A jet ski boat attachment is meant for leisure, not racing.

There Are A Few Disadvantages We Should Mention

Aside from all the advantages of these jet ski boat attachments, we would be remiss if we didnt mention a few of the disadvantages.

Its true that these units can be described as, A Jack of all trades, but a master of none.

With the jet ski, they are the same size, weight and price of many standard boats. However, they provide much less seating and storage space. Compared to a standard boat, their seats are less comfortable, have no large sundeck and no windshield. So, if you are primarily looking for convenience and comfort, this combo unit may not be for you.

With the unit added to the jet ski, you do lose some flexibility and the easy handling of just the PWC on the water. You will also need more storage space on land than you would for just your jet ski.

But all in all, these jet ski-boat converters certainly have a place in the world of watersports, so lets now find out more about them:

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Sealver Wave Boatconvert Your Jet Ski To A Boat

Home | Sealver Jet Ski to Boat Converter

Aquatic Aviation is selling a new product called the Sealver Wave Boat. It is an attachment for a jet ski, that turns your personal watercraft into a boat. The Wave Boat uses the PWCs engine and steering and just locks into a boat frame, providing more space for others to join you on your adventures. We are excited to be working with SEALVER® because the Wave Boat is an awesome addition to a Flyboard Experience! Now more people can watch and enjoy Flyboarding close up.

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