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Boat Tours In San Francisco

Pianofights Not Just A Theater Its Also A Restaurant And Bar

Man lives full time on SailBoat in San Francisco for only 400$ a month!

½ on Yelp½ on Google on Facebook

Reasonably priced New American bites and cocktails in an unpretentious setting – Zagat

The best party spot in the neighborhood – The Bay Bridged

A hot SF scene – SF Chronicle

If you plan on dining, we recommend you arrive 30 minutes early so you have plenty of time to eat before the show. Restaurant seating is first come first serve. Drinks and food are allowed in the theaters.

PARKING: Street parking is free after 6pm. Were located 2 blocks from Powell BART, numerous muni lines and there are 3 parking lots within 1 block.

ACCESSIBILITY: PianoFight’s restaurant, bar, and both theaters are fully ADA accessible.

Boat Trips From San Francisco

One of the that can be made by boat in San Francisco is to the infamous island of . With this exciting tour, you will discover what was the most important prison in .

If you have enough time in the city, you can also make a very pleasant trip across the bay to visit the beautiful coastal town of . This haven of peace and tranquillity has attracted many celebrities who have set up homes here to escape the spotlight.

Booking Bay Area Boat Tours

If youre currently planning your next trip to San Francisco, or youre already in the city but dont have your touring itinerary finalized yet, adding a boat tour in San Francisco is just about as easy as can be. Youll see a variety of options for San Francisco boat tours on our website.

All you have to do is click the big red button next to the tour you like best, fill out the form that pops up, and youre on your way. These bay area cruises are run by experienced professionals to give you the ideal bay area boat tours experience. We even provide audio tour information in over a dozen languages for international tourists, from Chinese, Vietnamese and Hindi to French, German, Italian, Spanish and many more. Ready to see the San Francisco Bay in a whole new way? Book passage on a San Francisco Bay area boat tour today.

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Duration Of San Francisco Boat Trips

Depending on the type of tour you book, it may be shorter or longer. Day boat tours are usually an hour and a half to three hours at the most, if it’s a quick tour.

You also have the opportunity to take a half-day cruise that will take you around the entire San Francisco Bay and surrounding landmarks. In case you choose an evening sunset cruise, you have to take into account the departure time.

Sunset boat tours usually last a little over three hours, although it also depends on what is included. If you hire a simple ride just to watch the sunset, it can be as short as an hour and a half. But if you opt for one that includes dinner and dancing, it can be as long as three to three and a half hours.

Take A Boat Tour Of San Francisco


Bay area boat tours are a great way to take advantage of the citys location on the glorious San Francisco Bay. So many great San Francisco sights are visible from the bay or even in the bay itself, like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.

And you can see so much more in a short time with bay tours. San Francisco is a big place, and trying to see everything on foot could take a long time. On a San Francisco Bay area boat tour, however, you get to see some of San Franciscos most iconic sights from the luxurious comfort of a cruise ship deck, with plenty of time to take pictures or video or just enjoy soaking in the scenery as you float by.

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Visit Alcatraz With City Experiences

City Experiences is the only San Francisco boat tour operator servicing Alcatraz Island. If youâve ever wondered what the infamous rock is all about, take a quick 15-minute ferry boat ride to this unique San Francisco landmark in the middle of the Bay. Discover the secrets of the cavernous cell house where inmates used to plot their escape on a daytime or night tour.

Plan to spend about three hours on Alcatraz and return on any ferry back to the mainland. Learn about the islandâs history through an audio tour, ranger talks, and exhibits. Roam the recreation yard where prisoners breathed in the fresh air, and stroll the historic rose garden planted to beautify the often gloomy fog-shrouded landscape.

Tips For A San Francisco Boat Tour

The best advice I can give you to make your boat trip a success is to arrive at least 20 minutes before departure so that you can board on time. Another thing to consider is the clothes you will be wearing. Regardless of the weather, I recommend wearing a jersey to protect yourself from the strong winds at sea.

The weather in the water is usually colder, no matter if it’s summer or winter, that’s why my recommendation is to dress in layers and closed shoes, this way you avoid excessive cold when you are in the sea. However, I recommend you to be aware of the weather when you visit San Francisco.

Also in relation to the strong wind, you can’t forget to take your sunglasses with you, no matter if it’s summer or winter, you should always take your good sunglasses with you on these boat trips. If you are travelling with children, try to bring something to entertain them during the trip.

If you or the children tend to get seasick or nauseous on a boat, the best choice is not to take the boat trip option. However, if you do venture out on a boat trip, it is advisable not to eat any main dishes before or during the trip, so as to avoid unpleasant feelings in your stomach.

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What Happens In Case Of Bad Weather

Bad weather and poor cruising conditions are some of those uncontrollable events that we can change as per our wish. Thankfully, San Francisco is not known for its down days. Most of the boating days in SF comprise of clear, sunny skies and calm transparent waters.But in case there is an ugly weather day that prevents you from taking the boat excursion, most tour operators will understand and give refunds, but not all. So, it is always wise to ask about refund policies before booking the trip with a company.

How Much Do Boat Tours In San Francisco Cost

Is the Fairline Phantom 50 the best built boat ?

Costs for boat tours in San Francisco depend on the duration of the trip, the type of boat and whether other amenities are included.

Trips on multi-level tour boats in San Francisco cost around US$35 per person for 1-hour tours. Sailboat or RIB sightseeing tours cost between US$60 to US$100 per person for 1.5 hours, depending on whether drinks are included and the passenger capacity of the boat.

Boat tours with a meal range from US$100 to US$180 per person, depending on the number of courses and duration of the trip.

Boat and walking combo tours cost between US$120 to US$130 per person for a 6-hour tour. Boat and biking combo tours cost US$112 per person for a 3-hour tour.

Hop-on hop-off boat and bus tours cost US$100 for a 1-hour boat ride and 24-hour access to bus stops.

Private boat tours cost around US$1,200 per hour per group without a captain or amenities. Fuel, marina fees and San Francisco city entry permit are all additional costs.

Multi-day boat tours start at $900 per group with 3 days, depending on the size of your group.

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San Francisco Boat Tours

Touring around San Francisco on a boat is one of the most special things to do in the city.

Andressa García

11 min read

San Francisco | ©Boris Kasimov

One of the must-do activities on your list of things to see and do in San Francisco is a good boat tour. From short, one-hour rides to excursions to Alcatraz Island, San Francisco offers great attractions to visit from the sea.

If you’ ve been excited by the idea of hopping on a cruise, ferry or catamaran to see San Francisco from the water, then stay tuned to read all the recommendations I have for you.

San Francisco Bay Sunset Sailboat Cruise

A sunset cruise on the bay is one of the things to see and do in San Francisco at night that is impossible to miss. There’s nothing better to start your evening in San Francisco than a romantic and peaceful sunset sail on a sailboat.

Of course, it’s also a great plan to do with friends or your family. Part of what you will see on this tour is the sunset over the bay and how the lights of San Francisco come to life as the night progresses. This tour is generally short in duration, as its main purpose is to take you to see the most spectacular views of the sunset from the sea.

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When Is The Best Time For A Boat Trip In San Francisco

San Francisco experiences moderate temperatures year-round, making boat trips possible any month of the year. For your best chance of seeing whales and dolphins, take your boat tour from May to October.

Evening boat tours allow you to take in a sunset and illuminated skyline while seeing other landmarks. Most boats have indoor areas so that you can enjoy your trip in cool or rainy weather.

San Francisco Dinner Cruises

Boat ride tour of the bay. Beautiful 73 degree weather and wonderful ...

Hornblower Dinner/Dance Cruise. Hornblower, a classy company that provides sailing trips on their yachts, has a San Francisco Bay dinner/dance cruise that is a lot of fun. Sailing around the bay on a yacht, dancing to a live band or DJ, and savoring a four-course meal…like watermelon and feta salad, crab gazpacho soup, chicken cordon-bleu, or maybe glazed salmon, with key lime pot de creme and macaroons, or perhaps berry parfait with Gran Marnier. Delightful!

I’ve been on several Hornblower evening cruises – a very professional outfit.

It’s magical to be out on the water at night with the city lights sparkling in the distance. The views of the city and the bridges at night were incredible, and the food was great! A fun San Francisco experience.

For all the details on our dinner cruise experience, plus photos and maps, see my page on the SF dinner cruise.

The Hornblower dinner/dance cruises are 2.5 hours , for $141.36 per person. For more info on cruise and booking, see Hornblower dinner cruise. often has discounted tickets for this cruise check for them at Goldstar tickets. We got our tickets through Goldstar for $96.50 each.

Sad to say, but Ride the Ducks closed their San Francisco operation on September 7, 2015, citing a difficult business environment, possibly related to a new requirement that tour guides can’t also be the bus drivers. They still run their boats in other cities, but no more quacking in SF, sniff.

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Our Tour Boat: The Pacific Pearl

Our colleagues at Fish Emeryville launched East Bay history tours with our good friend Liam O’Donohugh in 2019, and we have been delighted to offer “City Front” and “Northern Shore” Tours of San Francisco since 2020. Join us on this completely refurbished 35-foot sports fishing vessel for an awe-inspiring Bay Cruise with lots of room to walk around and the freshest air available!

  • Shaping San Francisco:

San Francisco Bay Sailing Tour By Day

In the daytime, there is no better way to get around San Francisco than on a sailing trip around the bay. The tour is short, so you can just see the most interesting places in the bay without spending too much time on it.

This is an ideal tour if you are passing through the city. It is definitely an activity that I would include among the things to see and do in San Francisco in one day. In just an hour and a half you will have the chance to see iconic places like Angel Island, Alcatraz and Sausalito from the sea.

This experience differs from the Bay Cruise in that this is a fast paced, more people friendly experience where you won’t get to know in detail the stories surrounding the old Alcatraz prison. This fast ride will give you a different perspective of the city and let you take lots of pictures, especially of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Unlike the cruise that focuses on telling you all about the monuments you’ll see, this tour is one of the things to see and do in San Francisco with kids, as they love to embark on an aquatic adventure where they are not overloaded with information.

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Check Out Your Options Below Deck:

Public Tours

We have tours running daily to see the sea lions, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and more. With tour options ranging from wine tasting on the Bay, to narrated historical tours, to nature tours, we have every top-rated public tour in San Francisco. Click below to find your best way to see the City by the Bay!

My Favorite San Francisco Bay Cruises

7 Million Yacht Tour : 80 Sunreef Power

There are a lot of fun cruises on San Francisco Bay, but if I had to pick some favorites, they would be the Alcatraz cruise and tour, the fishing boat cruise, the sailboat cruise, and Hornblower’s dinner cruise.

See sailing on the bay for my experience on the sailboat cruise.

A nighttime extravaganza: a delicious four-course meal, and stunning views of the city and the bridges all lit up. Amazing!

See dinner cruise for more details about the cruise.

If you have problems with seasickness, it might encourage you to know that I’ve never felt sick on one of these San Francisco Bay tours. And that is coming from someone who can’t even watch the Teacups at Disneyland.

More discounts available

  • The Bay City Guide. This free guide is available from the magazine stands all over the Fisherman’s Wharf area. They have lots of discounts for activities in the wharf area, including a few dollars off of the bay cruises . You can also get their coupons online at

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Twilight Or Sunset Cruise

Tour Length: 2 hours

The Twilight or Sunset Cruise is offered by the Red and White Fleet. The difference between the two cruises is the time of year.

The Twilight Cruise is offered during the winter months . It’s called a Twilight Cruise since the sun will already be down by the time the cruise is underway. However, you do get amazing views of the lights on the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, San Francisco, and all around the SF Bay.

The Sunset Cruise is offered the rest of the year . They change the time this San Francisco boat cruise leaves in order to have you on the water during the sunset. You will get some great views of the sunset as long as the fog has not decided to make its way into the bay before the sun goes down.

Both cruises follow the same route. They first head along the northern shoreline, then under the Golden Gate Bridge, around Alcatraz, past Treasure Island, under the Bay Bridge and then back to Fisherman’s Wharf.

These cruises only leave once a day , so your ticket will be for a specific time.

I love this evening cruise as they also serve a nice buffet of appetizers. You can also enjoy a drink or two on board . There is also a musician on board playing some light music in the background.

It makes for a really nice evening on the water with family, friends or your romantic partner.

San Francisco Bridge To Bridge Cruise

Tour Length: 90 minutes

My second recommend for San Francisco bay tours is the Bridge to Bridge Cruise. This one is run by the Red and White Fleet. It’s a popular option, but only runs a few times a day.

They are also usually flexible with timing too on which San Francisco boat tour you can board unless it’s a really busy day. You can stop by their dock at any time to confirm which tour you can go on for the day of your ticket.

It’s slightly different from the SF Bay Cruise as this one offers 30 additional minutes on the water. It will follow the same route as above. However, instead of heading back after circling Alcatraz, you will head on for a trip under the Bay Bridge.

You will also cruise past Treasure Island and the Ferry Building. So, it offers a little more fun on the water for just a few more bucks per ticket.

As with the Bay Cruise, the narration for the Bridge to Bridge Cruise is on personal headsets. You can choose from one of 16 languages on their headsets too.

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San Francisco Bay Cruises

Before you book a bay cruise, check to see if there are discounted tickets at Often the one-hour bay cruises are available for half-price, and sometimes the other cruises, too.

Goldstar also has lots of half-priced tickets for other SF attractions and events. I always check with them first before I get tickets for activities in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. It’s free to join, then you can see what they’ve got. See

Three different companies have boats that do the one hour cruise that starts at Fisherman’s Wharf, sails out and under the Golden Gate Bridge, then circles Alcatraz and returns to the dock.

The views of the city and bay are spectacular, and sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge is one of those OMG experiences. Prices are reasonable, too, especially with the smaller fishing boats, and the discounts available on the other cruises.

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