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Boat Salvage Yards In Florida

Boat Salvage Yards In Florida

There Is So Much Cool Stuff At This Marine Salvage Yard!

Dons Marine Surplus and Salvage

Whether you are looking for new or used boats in Florida, this is one of the best places that you should check out. It occupies more than17 acres of space, making sure that there is something for everyone. Not to mention, the company has been operating since 1979. Over the years, it built a solid reputation in the state:

  • Address: 5601 126th Avenue North, Clearwater, FL, 33760
  • Contact Number: 1-727-576-8577

Sailors Exchange

With its mission of making boating affordable, Sailors Exchange is a place where you can buy, sell, and trade marine equipment, including new and second-hand boats. From lights to electrical panels, they have almost everything that boating enthusiasts will need. More so, they have hard-to-find items that are not on their website but available in their physical shop:

  • Address: 222 West King St., St. Augustine, FL, 32084
  • Contact Number: 1-904-808-0667


The worlds largest marine emporium this is how Sailorman positions itself. They have tons of nautical treasures that you wont find anywhere else. From sailing dinghies to catamarans, they have secondhand boats that will fit every budget. Their shop is more like an antique store than a traditional marine equipment outlet:

  • Address: 3000 South Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33316
  • Contact Number: 1-954-522-6716

San Diego Boat Movers

  • Address: 6996-A Mission Gorge Road, San Diego, CA 92120
  • Contact Number: 1-619-582-0700

Minneys Yacht Surplus

Antiques of the Sea

Anyone Know Boat Salvage Parts Yard In Alabama Or Georgia

The Boating ForumAnyone know Boat Salvage Parts Yard in Alabama or Georgia?I am in need of some front rails for my boat that droped it from my slip this weekend. 1999 Trophy Walkaround 27′Do anyone knows a Boat Savage Parts Yard in Alabama, Georgia of Florida?I have few stimates done for the rails but they a little high, I am wounder if a salvage yard have it.Thanks,10 PostsislanderkingI am in need of some front rails for my boat that droped it from my slip this weekend. 1999 Trophy Walkaround 27′Do anyone knows a Boat Savage Parts Yard in Alabama, Georgia of Florida?I have few stimates done for the rails but they a little high, I am wounder if a salvage yard have it.Thanks,51 Posts39 Posts6 Posts5 Posts734 Posts

Advantage Buying Spare Boat Parts

The best reason to buy used parts is because you can save a lot of money if you have to make repairs. Many used parts are still in great condition since scrap yards need to operate under state government regulations. This gives you some assurance that the used parts you are purchasing are over decent quality.

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Boat Salvage Yards In Us And Canada

Knowing where to find the best boat salvage yard is one of your responsibilities as an owner. Your boat will not sink or rot if you know where to look.

They will recycle these right marine components. In some cases, they sell whatever they can salvage or restore. Furthermore, this is where you can buy second-hand ships and scrap steel.

We have compiled a list of the top US and Canadian ship salvage yards that you should read on to find out more about ship salvage yards.

Strike Marine Salvage Sales Inc Delivers

Morgan Marine

Strike Marine Salvage Sales, Inc. buys and sells new, used and rebuilt marine diesel Engines, Transmissions and Generators, as well as most any part which is yacht related. SMSS is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and is affiliated with a Fort Lauderdale yacht shipyard.Whether it be Allison, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Deutz, John Deere, Kohler, MAN, MTU, Nico, Northern Lights, Onan, Reintjes, Twin Disc, Westerbeke, Yanmar, or ZF Used Marine Engines, Used Marine Transmissions or Used Marine Generators, SMSS will go to great lengths to accommodate your needs and/or find what you are looking for.Strike Marine Salvage Sales, Inc. also has engine parts, generator parts, propellers and a host of other items. Contact Us for more information regarding marine engines, transmissions, generators, propellers and parts.Click the Page Icon below for more information.

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Dons Marine Surplus & Salvage

Dons Marine Surplus & Salvage has been in operation on the Gulf Coast of Florida for over 30 years. Since 1979, theyve been one of the best suppliers of new and used boat parts in the region.

No matter what you need, you should pay a visit to Dons Marine Surplus & Salvage, as theres an extremely high chance theyll be able to help you out!

Thats not least due to the more than 17 acres of inventory space that youll find at this fantastic boat salvage yard. With so much space for stock, and so many different types of boat parts available, a trip to Dons Marine Surplus & Salvage should be able to cover practically everything you need!

Theyve got fuel tanks, rope, outdrives, propellers, cables rigging, and seats as well as parts for both sailboats and trailers. Of course, youll find far more than could be listed here!

The staff is all knowledgeable and helpful too yet another thing that will make a trip to Dons Marine Surplus & Salvage worth your time!

Salvage Yards That Buy Boats And Yachts

Getting rid of a junk boat can be a headache. Many people abandon boats, because of the sheer expense to dismantle them. There are also less laws around abandon boats as compared to abandon cars. This is where selling your boat to salvage is a good option.

Before selling your boat or yacht to a place that buys junk boats, there are some things you need to know. First you should consider the cost of repairs. Get an estimate to see if the damage to repair it is worth paying for. It might be worth repairing and reselling independently.

If you decide to sell it make sure you remove all your personal belongings from the cabin and any compartments, You need to cancel the insurance and the registration and you will need the title to transfer full ownership to the scrap yard. Its important to cancel the registration yourself, some boat yards will send you an administrative bill for canceling your registration on your behalf. If you dony pay the bill they will report you to a credit agency. This is what the boat junkyard near me does and they mean business.

Before you call a boat junk yard you should know the value of your vessel even if its wrecked. You can use the Kelly Blue Book for Boats to assess it. Knowing the value will help you negotiate a reasonable price for the boat. Its imperative that you are honest in describing the vessel and what is wrong with it. You may be asked to provide pictures and proof.

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Captain Jims Marine Salvage Maine

Captain Jims offers an eclectic range of services from its base in Portland, Maine. You can get your boat recovered and towed. And if your vessel has reached the end of its life, they can re-purpose and recycle it. Depending on what can be salvaged, they may offer you a cash payment.

Youll also find a wide range of quality recycled parts at the store. Theres even a selection of rare and nautical antiquities, including naval artefacts. If you have cash to splash, check out the Admirals Room, where all the best pieces can be found.

Yacht Salvage Rhode Island Massachusetts South Carolina

Don’s Marine Surplus & Salvage

Yacht Salvage have sites in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and South Carolina. They sell, broker and purchase salvage boats. And if you want your old boat to help a good cause, you can donate it to a selection of charities.

They also offer certified transportation services to get your boat cross-country. And they sell repossessed boats, making them a great place to find a bargain. Many boats are sold at auction, and youll need to complete a bidding form to make your offer.

Drop in at any of their offices, or fill in the contact form online to get a call back.

Whether youre looking to donate or recycle your boat, or need parts or repairs, ABC Motors & Marine can help. Theyre based in Hardeeville, South Carolina, and 411Marine is their online e-commerce outfit.

Appointments at the yard are available outside normal opening hours. Call or email to set something up.

But if youre looking for a specific part, your best bet is to email them. Provide as many details as possible manufacturer, model, measurements and so on. Photographs will be a big help if you have them. Both new and used options are available.

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The Bitter End Exchange

The Bitter End Exchange claims to be the largest marine retail store on the entire Sunshine Coast! Indeed they have two entire buildings that are packed to the rafters with both new and used marine items.

They have such a wide and varied inventory of used items that unfortunately its not reasonable for them to actually catalog them all. However, they are sure to be extremely helpful with everything you need if you contact them!

They also sell a wide range of extremely useful products that will help you maintain your boat. They sell all sorts of oils, cleaners, and paints, as well as other useful things such as light bulbs, batteries, clamps, and anodes.

And, they have an extremely useful selection of safety equipment of all types for both children and adults. The Bitter End Exchange is definitely worth a trip!

Boat Dump New York New Jersey Connecticut

Boat Dump have locations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Theyre specialists in disposing of unwanted boats. And if your vessel dates from 1995 or more recently, they may pay cash to take it off your hands.

They also recondition and sell used parts. The website has a good search facility to help you find what you need. And theres a form to request anything that isnt listed.

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American Marine & Motorsports

American Marine & Motorsports has been in operation for nearly three decades. They are based in northern Wisconsin, on the beautiful Shawano Lake. At their facility youll find many useful services in fact, they are able to do practically anything to your boat here.

Whether its routine maintenance or something as complex as a complete engine rebuild youll find that the team at American Marine & Motorsports is more than capable of handling everything for you with professional courtesy and excellent service.

They have an absolutely colossal parts department which means that youll be likely to find absolutely anything you need for your boat in their warehouse. If need be they can also ship parts overnight which can be perfect if you need to make a repair to your boat quickly!

No matter what it is that you need to be done to your boat, youll be able to find it here and youll get absolutely fantastic service. You can also rent and even buy boats here in fact, they have a fantastic showroom!

Californias Boat Salvage Yards

Morgan Marine

It offers boats that are goings, residences, and other locations. They have various demolition equipment for proper boat disposal, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

As a requirement for incorporation, they provide insurance certificates to speed up the liability protection filing process.

Minneys Yacht Surplus

Another company you might consider if youre looking for motorboat salvage in California with six years of experience. While its not one of the well-known places that buy and sell used watercraft, they sell all kinds of stuff on the market.

This is a great marine scrap yard for affordable boating gear. They have a huge selection of boating gear, from classic deck gear to diving gear.

In contrast to salvage, this is conventional. Nonetheless, they do not buy old or non-functional boats.

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Boat Salvage And Recovery

Full-Service Boat Salvage

Whether your vessel is completely submerged or partially, needs to be floated or removed, or you need to have it towed and lifted for inspection we are able to provide all these services at great rates. Well work with you or your insurance company to make sure you get your property secured and taken care of. Heres a list of our salvage services that are performed by local professionals ready to support our Florida Keys neighbors:

  • We are currently providing the following services with local established vendors with decades of experience.
  • Sunken or disabled retrieval
  • Hydraulic trailer available for land based retrieval

Full-Service Boat Salvage

Whether your vessel is completely submerged or partially, needs to be floated or removed, or you need to have it towed and lifted for inspection we are able to provide all these services at great rates. Well work with you or your insurance company to make sure you get your property secured and taken care of. Heres a list of our salvage services that are performed by local professionals ready to support our Florida Keys neighbors:

Two Common Boat Junkyard Scams:

Delayed Payment: Never agree to deliver your vessel and accept payment later. Get an agreement written down with terms of payment. Some companies will try to get your vessel and then renegotiate the price with you after it is no longer in your possession.

Your Boat is Worthless: They may try and tell you that your vessel is worth nothing. This is just a negotiating tactic to get it at a cheaper price. Its IMPOSSIBLE for it to be worth nothing to a junk yard. Remember they will sell the parts off if it and whatever is left will sell for scrap.

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How Do Boat Salvage Yards Work

Boat salvages purchase wrecked vessels that are worth less then the repair costs. They sell any remaining functional parts for use in working boats. They get their inventory from various sources including private owners, insurance companies, auctions, and the government. Some provide dismantling services and work closely with scrap yards and recyclers.

Bulls Marine Salvage North Carolina

Hurricane Irma | Salvage Catamaran boatyard heaven!

Youll find Bulls Marine Salvage in Winston Salem, North Carolina. But if youre reasonably local and have a boat to get rid of, theyll come to you to take a look. As long as some parts are salvageable, theyll take it and offer you a reasonable price.

Anything that can be recycled, will be, minimizing waste going to landfill. Any parts that can be salvaged will be overhauled and sold on with a new warranty.

That also means theyre a great place to find reliable parts at discount prices. And they stock new parts too.

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What Customers Are Saying

Likewise, the owner is complimented for going out of his way to make the customer experience as great as can be. The shop is also commonly praised for having a plentiful stock of new and used parts alike that the staff can navigate expertly.

Additionally, their prices are considered some of the best around. Customers often say that they have been going to Marine Parts Outlet for years and will continue to do so.

Dons Marine Surplus And Salvage Florida

Dons Marine Surplus and Salvage is based on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Theyve been in business for more than 30 years, so they know what theyre doing.

They provide both new and used parts. Email them if youre looking for a particular part, and theyll do their best to get it for you. Include the make, model and year, plus measurements and photos if you have them.

They buy and sell complete boats too. Visitors are welcome at their yard in Clearwater, which is open six days a week and closed on Sundays.

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Superior Marine Salvage Inc

Address: 17540 Rockefeller Cir, Fort Myers, FL 33967

Contact details: 239-267-6722

Superior Marine Salvage, Inc. is yet another excellent boat salvage yard in Florida. They are very popular in the Florida Marine world due to the owners extensive experience. Plus, this salvage yard has been operating for more than 27 years.

Because of the expertise of the staff here, youre bound to get exactly what youre looking for, and possibly more.

As well as selling and buying used boat equipment, this salvage yard can service any outboard motor. They have state-of-the-art technology to carry out their services, so youll undoubtedly get excellent results.

They also do in-house welding, ultrasonic cleaning, and powerhead rebuilding. Their services are undertaken in-house by professionals, so your equipment will get the best care possible.

A List Of What To Look For In Used Boats

Towing this yacht to the boat yard for haulout...

Say youve developed an interest in boating and youre considering a watercraft to purchase. Is it better to get one that is new or used? Whether you are boating for the first time or youve got an old craft that needs to be replaced, you need to be aware of the right way to go shopping for a boat. Look at the sort of things that others may miss or not consider that can help you avoid overspending on your next boat purchase, avoid dangerously broken craft and spend more actual time on the water.

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Claiming An Abandoned Vessel In Florida

Florida has no salvage laws giving the finder of an abandoned vessel rights of ownership. Florida is a title state, thereby requiring a transfer of vessel title from owner to purchaser in order to obtain legal ownership. A person who finds an abandoned vessel and who wants to make claim to it must comply with Section 705.103, Florida Statutes. This will allow for a person to make claim to the property and make application for title transfer into his name.

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