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Boat Rental Moraine State Park

Biking And Hiking Trails

We Took Preston’s Pearl at Moraine State Park’s First Tour!

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Both hikers and bikers will enjoy the many hiking and bike trails the park has to offer. The park does bike rentals, making it an excellent place for dabblers who don’t have their own set of wheels yet.

Bike rentals and trails are limited to the park’s north shore. As for hikers, here’s a list of some of the most popular trails Moraine has:

  • Sunken Garden Trail: This is one of the most accessible trails in the park. Its head is located near the Pleasant Valley Road parking lot.
  • Five Points Trail: Located on the north shore, you can find the starting point of this trail at Lakeview Beach. It’s only a little over a mile and considered a mild to moderate trek.
  • Glacier Ridge Trail: At nearly 15 miles, this is the park’s most challenging trail. It leads from Lake Arthur to the Jennings Center mentioned above.

Hiking At Moraine State Park

Moraine State Park features 71 miles of hiking trails.

The Glacier Ridge Trail is one of my favorite trails at Moraine State Park.

If you choose to hike this trail, youll be following in the footsteps of a young George Washington, who passed through present day Moraine State Park in December 1753.

The Glacier Ridge Trail is even believed to have been a pathway for mastodons that inhabited Pennsylvania thousands of years ago!

Kettle Moraine State Park

If you’re here because you’re looking for “Kettle” Moraine State Park, we’re sorry to tell you that’s a state forest located in Wisconsin. Don’t be too hard on yourself, though. A lot of people make this mistake.

What’s your favorite thing to do at Moraine State Park? Let us know what wets your whistle on our !

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Grab A Bite Rent A Boat Or Cool Off At Moraine View Restaurant & Kayak Rental

Moraine View State Park, IL

Must Know Info: The concession area is open daily. If youre visiting outside of Memorial Day to Labor Day, we recommend calling them at 866-724-6398 to confirm they are open first. Hours vary daily and seasonally, so check out their website here. The restaurant was really nice and they took good care of us. Everything is in the same building, whether youre renting a boat, ordering food or grabbing bait to go fishing with.

The food got two thumbs up from our kids. The grown-ups loved their huge spring rolls and the kids thought the milkshakes were amazing . We could have just eaten tons of fries and been happy, too! Eat inside in the air conditioning or relax outside on their porch overlooking the beautiful lake and boat docks. They also serve beer and wine.

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Wisconsin State Park System

Have you ever wanted to try a new activity, but didn’t have the equipment to get started? Wisconsin state parks and forests have partnered with private concessionaires and Friends groups to offer rental equipment at some properties.

For more information on accessible/adaptive rental equipment in the state park system, please see: Adaptive equipment.

Canoe, kayak and boat rentals

Moraine State Park Boat Rental

Moraine State Park – Photo by Rona Proudfoot from Flickr

For water recreation as sailing, kayaking, canoeing, or shipping, of course, you need a boat to do that. Visitors are allowed to bring their own boat with hp motors more than 20. Or, you can rent a boat that can fulfill your need if you do not have one.

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Take A Hike Or Go For A Swing

Must Know Info: Moraine View was made for exploration! We love the trails there, and how they weave around with the lake in close proximity much of the time. It provides a great backdrop to your swinging/picnicking/hiking visit. Theres no admission fee just to come out and play at Moraine View so you can drive out to explore what is available for YOUR family there and enjoy the scenery in the process.

There are many hiking paths that are very kid friendly and playgrounds just along the lake. We really liked how some of the trails were marked as handicapped accessible, as we know that strollers would navigate those paths along with anyone who has mobility special needs or challenges.

Just A Beautiful Natural Area

Thousands Attend Moraine State Park Regatta

We’re up here 3-4 times a year. The bike trail is long, shady in lots of places and winds along the North Shore. Miles of hiking trails through some really varied terrain and habitats make every hike different. You’ll see TONS of wildlife and plants/flowers throughout the park. Every year in late summer, they have a very nice little regatta – free to get in – with some very unique things to do. The fishing there is awesome, whether it’s panfish for the kids or Bass, cats, stripers and more for the more experienced, you’ll find a spot. It does see a fair amount of visitors, but there’s so much space, you never really feel like you’re in a crowd. All-in-all, a wonderful way to spend a full day unwinding.The marina inside the park rents boats and has some bait – worms, but you’ll need to get minnows/leeches or specialty stuff outside the park


Beautiful park for hiking, biking, or just a nice walk. They have a paved 7 mile one way trail. There are bike rentals in season, as well as boat rentals. There is a nice beach that is free to the public.

This park is great year round. You can go fishing boating hiking, and there is biking trials. They do have some cabins you can rent. There is place for wheel chair people to go fishing. It even got place for picnic.

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Moraine State Park Camping

Moraine State Park – Photo by Auntie P from Flickr

Camping becomes the one activity that you should do if you are a hitchhiker and backpacker. In Moraine State Park, you can build your rental or your own tent at The North Country National Scenic Trail shelter off of Link Road, as a first base or the start line before you go hiking.

Camping is also available at nearby private campgrounds, including Bear Run Campground & Cooper’s Lake Campground. Do not worry, there is a lot of source of water that you can find not too far from the camp area.

If you are still confused to find the locations or if you want some additional information on campgrounds, the information you need is available at the park office.

Cabins With Modern Amenities

There are 11 cabins available for rental in Moraine State Park.

The cabins include a kitchen area, two bedrooms, and bathroom with a shower.

The cabins are located in a cluster just north of Lakeview Beach, and each comes with its own dock and lake access during the warmer months. Each cabin can accommodate up to six people.

Two of the cabins, #7 and #11, are pet friendly, but this must also be arranged in advance.

Cabin #11 is also ADA accessible.

Plan to bring your own pillows and blankets, towels, and any kitchen furnishings you may need.

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Other Nearby Overnight Options

Consider Coopers Lake Campground, just a few minutes away, for an alternative camping option. Though only certain summer weekends are typically available for public camping, the price point makes this option worth considering.

Bear Run Campground is also nearby and has sites for everything from tents, to RVs and even a few cabins available for rent.

A short distance in the opposite direction near Jennings Environmental Education Center, Lake Arthur Family Campground and Moraine Campland, are tailored more towards RVs and campers.

Take A Trip Around Lake Arthur On Prestons Pearl

Kettle Moraine North Mauthe Lake, WI

Disclaimer: We were hosted for this experience. Our site uses demographic data, email opt-ins, display advertising, and affiliate links. Please check out our Terms and Conditions. Pricing, operating hours, or menus may have changed since our initial visit and may not be reflected in subsequent updates. Please confirm these directly with any business or attraction prior to visiting.

Lake Arthur at Moraine State Park is one of our favorite outdoor spots in southwest Pennsylvania. It is hard to ask for more than a beautiful lake with a number of fingers and inlets that just beg being explored.

We’ve featured many ways you can explore the lake including taking out kayaks from Bear Run Campground, standup paddleboarding with SurfSUP Adventures, and even enjoying Moraine State Park’s bike trail which runs along the shoreline. But all of these activities required some degree of effort in order to enjoy. For something a bit more leisurely, the park offers boat tours on the resident pontoon boat from late spring to early fall.

For many years, guests would enjoy the waters via the resident boat Nautical Nature, but in 2021 the Moraine Preservation Fund launched a new pontoon boat that offers 90-minute sightseeing tours, dinner/brunch cruises, and more.

I was fortunate enough to get out on the water for the ship’s inaugural sailing as part of a media preview and share more about what you can expect on this one here!

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Getting To Lake Arthur

Lake Arthur is located completely inside Moraine State Park in Butler County, Pennsylvania.

Situated just east of I-79 about 40 miles north of Pittsburgh, the park is easy to access from Erie or Pittsburgh.

It would also make a great stop when heading east or west on I-80 or Route 422 through the state.

If visiting from out of the area, you will likely need a car to get to and around much of this park.

According to the PA DCNR, over 1 million visitors take advantage of this ease of access each year. Moraine is a quite popular state park in PA.

Wrapping Up: Why Visit Lake Arthur

Moraine State Park offers miles of trails for hiking, biking, and exploring, as well as opportunities for every kind of water recreation on Lake Arthur.

From summer boating and swimming to winter ice fishing and cross country skiing, there are things to do in every season.

Visiting this and the other nearby State Parks would certainly make for an exciting and adventurous excursion.

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What To Do At Moraine View State Recreation Area: A Short Drive From Champaign

Were on a mission to find any space nearby where we can get some sort of a water fix which leads us to Moraine View State Recreation Area in LeRoy, Illinois, just 35-40 minutes away from Champaign-Urbana.

If we had to rate Dawson Lake in size, it would certainly rank larger than Lake of the Woods or Homer Lake, but smaller than Clinton Lake, one of the more well known lakes near Champaign-Urbana or Lake Shelbyville, which is a bit further away.

The big draw here is the water, but well be sure to cover everything you want to know before you drive out to LeRoy. And well cover what sets this water spot apart from the other ones mentioned above.

Sailing On Lake Arthur

Moraine View State Recreation Area, Gander Bay Campground, LeRoy, Illinois

Sailing is extremely popular in Moraine State Park. Two separate sailing clubs can be found within.

The Lake Arthur Sailing Club is located at the Davis Hollow Marina, and the Moraine Sailing Club makes its home at Watts Bay Marina.

These clubs organize races and learn to sail classes.

The conditions on the lake here can be quite ideal for sailing, and even passersby catching glimpses out over the water from route 422 in the summer can often be treated to countless sailboats floating every which way.

A very popular event towards the end of the summer, the Lake Arthur Regatta, is a weekend full of boating activities attracting visitors from near and far.

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Moraine View State Park

Paul Chamberlain – Photo by Paul Chamberlain from Flickr

Moraine State Park, like its name, is formed by the glacial moraines from the last Ice Age that covered all the land. And when the glacial is disappeared, all you can find are gravel, sand, and clay in the form of hills. Not only rocks and sand, but the melted glacial also formed a big river, namely Muddy Creek.

This river runs for 23.2 miles long, flows toward the west, and 58.2 square miles in the area for its watershed. One of the main features of Moraine State Park is its lake. With its 158-acre lake, this lake is surprisingly made by humans and not by the glacial. Its name is Lake Arthur.

Thanks to nature, this state park has some valuable spots that have been successfully developed into good facilities for a recreation area with 1,687-acre Moraine View State Area. Some recreations, like picnicking, camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, boating, horseback riding, and hunting can be enjoyed when you enter Moraine State Park.

Moraine State Park is also a good place to do relaxation after being trapped in crowded cities. Here, you can take a deep breath without pollution to be worried about.

Moraine State Park: All Things To Know Before Visiting This Wonderful Moraine Park In Pennsylvania

Tripboba.com – Moraine State Park is a beautiful place in Pennsylvania that offers so many wonderful things for its visitors. It is not a surprise if this park has ever been served as the location of the 1973 and 1977 National Scout Jamborees.

As one of the 121 state parks in Pennsylvania, United States, Moraine State Park has a lot of visitors who have a deep desire to feel the good breeze blowing the trees in the summer and to ski on the freezing Lake Arthur.

Besides, this fantastic park is open for all seasons. So, visitors can come to Moraine State Park anytime they want. Do you want to know more about this park? Check this guide out!

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Other Attractions And Activities

During the warmer months, visitors can look forward to a range of activities, including but not limited to disc golf, hunting, and horseback riding. And those interested in a bit of bird watching will be happy to hear that park sites like Muddy Creek and Bear Run are excellent spots to view osprey that have been reintroduced to the area thanks to conservancy efforts.

Since the park is open year-round, it’s also an excellent destination for Winter weather sports like sledding, snowmobiling, and cross country skiing.

A Leisurely Tour Of Lake Arthur On Preston’s Pearl

Moraine View, IL

Preston’s Pearl is named after the late Dr. Frank W. Preston whose conservation work led to the formation of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. This group bought the land which Moraine State Park sits on, rehabilitated it, and dammed Muddy Creek to form what we now know as Lake Arthur.

To call him the father of Moraine State Park is an understatement and guests can enjoy the culmination of the conservancy’s work with the tour around Preston’s Pearl.

To start, we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the boat itself. This pontoon boat is technically a houseboat that has been stripped of all of its features and made to be a sightseeing vessel inside and out. The lower deck is enclosed with seating for guests and the upper deck is open for those who want to take Lake Arthur’s beauty in without obstruction.

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One of my very first questions about touring Lake Arthur on Preston’s Pearl had to do with the boat itself, as the lake has a limited motor horsepower requirement for vessels. My first instinct would be that a ship of this size would simply be far too slow, but as it turns out they received a special exemption to run the tours and operate the ship in such a way that it just glides on the water as efficiently as possible all the same.

All this comes together to say that you are in for one smooth ride on the water when exploring Lake Arthur on Preston’s Pearl.

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Moraine State Park Cabins

The park has more than ten modern cabins available year-round and can hold up to six souls. They’re two bedrooms each and outfitted with conveniences such as showers, heat, and kitchens. If you’re interested in staying in one, be sure to make reservations in advance.

Unfortunately, the park has no campgrounds. However, there is a backpacking shelter that backpackers can reserve ahead of time.

What Else To Visit Near Moraine State Park

If youre planning to spend a couple of days or a weekend in the area, plan to add McConnells Mill State Park to your itinerary, also. Just a few miles west on 422, the park features beautiful hiking trails, a whitewater creek, and multiple waterfalls.

The often forgot about Jennings Environmental Education Center, home to the Pennsylvanias only publicly protected prairie, is a smaller member of the state parks system. This park, separated by less than 15 minutes of driving, features numerous educational opportunities and 5 miles of mostly very easy hiking trails.

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